What is Black Garlic Machine? Black Garlic Machine, also is called black garlic fermenter or black garlic fermentation machine.It produces black garlic through fermenting and drying process.Through fermentation, the garlic's stimulous gas will disappear.On the contrary, you will get black garlic which has sour and sweet taste.Now , black garlic is becoming more and more popular in the world.   How to make black garlic by our black garlic fermentation machine?

Technical advantages and characteristics: 1.The perfect combination of technology and equipment, the whole process of fermentation without any added (including water) 2.Low power consumption equipment, low electricity cost (power consumption of 850kw·h, per 1 ton raw material). 3.The equipment has the advantages of simple operation, no wearing parts, no Maintenance, Low operating cost. 4.High degree of automation equipment, the control system is completely updated to”SSR” solid contactless control and more stable.The new structure is more scientific and the fermentation and drying is more balanced. 5.Product taste sweet and mellow. 6.The inner wall, the outer wall of the black garlic fermentation machine, and all the fermentation plates, the fermentation rack are made of 304 stainless steel, no water fermentation process, to avoid corrosion Equipment. 7.Scientific circular wind design, temperature fluctuation range within ± 1 °C, product fermentation is uniform, the taste is highly consistent.  Some Parametes of the Black Garlic Machine

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