Black Garlic Machine HY-3000

Black Garlic Machine is used for making black garlic .Black Garlic is a kind of health food which is fermented and dried in machine.So black garlic machine is also called Black Garlic Fermentation machine .3tons black garlic is a big capacity machine.

It's output is 1.5tons/batch. Some advantages are the following:

Some advantages of our black garlic machine

1. High degree of automation black garlic machine, the whole process is controled by PLC intelligent system control to ensure product quality and stability. 2. Our aged black garilc product taste sweet and mellow,Fermentation technology and other equipment just won't do the trick. 3. This is a large scale fermented black garlic machine, mainly for large garilc farm application , the black garlic ,such as whole black garlic and peeled balck garlic adn so on. How to Make Black Garlic ?     Export Packing and Delivery.   Export Case  

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