Black Garlic Machine HY-1000

HY-1000 is a large capacity black garlic machine.It's input capacity is about 1000kg/batch and outout is about 500kg/bath black garlic.   The following is some detailed  parameter about HY-1000.   The process cycle is about 18days for one batch. Our black garlic machine can not only used for making whole heaed black garlic but also it can make peeled black garlic cloves directly instead of peeled the skin by hands..Peeled black garlic cloves can eat directly so it is very polular.   Although HY-1000 is a large machine but it's total power is only 9kw.In additon , we use automatic PLC control system , it's very energy efficient.Due to it's big dimension, it needs to use 20OT container to transport.    

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