Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

¬†Application of the bubble vegetable cleaning machine: Multi-purpose bubble cleaning machine: suitable for the cleaning of fruits, vegetables (fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables, fungus, etc.) aquatic products, medicinal materials, etc.  

Working Principle of the bubble cleaning machine: The material enters the sink and is fully dispersed, rolled, cleaned and delivered under the action of high-pressure water and powerful bubbles. The sediment removed from the surface of the material sinks to the bottom of the silo, and does not cause the recirculation to cause the re-contamination. Floating debris in the water and small insects are collected through the mesh of removal of impurities.  Filaments, hair and other impurities are cleared away through the roller.The washed material out of water will be in spray cleaning and will be ready for the next procedure. It is the ideal equipment for vegetable, food processing and catering industry Advantages of the bubble cleaning machine: It increases the working efficiency of more than 50%, effectively killing harmful bacteria and decomposing pesticide residues.This machine is designed to isolate the cleaned material from sediment effectively, reducing the water turbidity. It has greatly improved the cleaning water utilization rate, which can save 80% of the clean water.

Machines Parameters


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